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Together We Can Podcast

Dec 1, 2021

Fiona Descoteaux, CEO of Innovate Communities chats with John Hannigan, CEO of Circle Housing who began his career as an accountant, and in his late twenties he took on a job as a finance professional in a housing company in Birmingham, UK.

At this time he was introduced to the process of supporting people to find homes – a place where they can live, a place where they can be themselves and a place, most importantly, where everything starts – health, education, employment, and relationships. 

John had the opportunity of handing over the keys to a person who was receiving their first home, and who had previously been sleeping rough on the streets. Taken by the emotion he felt towards supporting this person to start a new chapter in their life, led to him starting a new chapter in his, to becoming the CEO of one of Ireland’s voluntary housing associations, Circle Housing.  

Enjoy the show.


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